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Jubiliant “TRISUL RAMANA GROUP OF SCHOOLS” is immensely delightful to present you the annual report of 2010-11 for your blessings. The seeds of TRISUL RAMANA Tutorials began to sow in the year 1976 with the initiative of Sri V. Trisula Pani in fond memory of Chy. V. Ramana Kumar, the beloved brother of me with merely four students. Their sprouts were becoming seen in June, 2000 as “TRISUL RAMANA PUBLIC SCHOOL”, with the amenities from LKG to X class we got recognition in the first year itself. TRISUL is quite away to keep abreast with present trends and methods in modern education. We have adopted all scientific norms and introduced them in true spirit right from LKG.

Since the day of its commission, “TRISUL” has been consuming ardous efforts in drawing out innate abilities and excel in children with a slogan of splendour, “TRISUL” aims at 100% character building because the CHARACTER is the destiny of a Nation. “Nevortheless, to speak in nutshell,“TRISUL” keeps its reputation and marks its significant impression on every academic year, with its above board curriculum.

TRISUL has been securing 100% success in X-class since begining, in the academic year 2009-10 in X class 110 students passed in first class with 571/600 highest marks. Our students secured state 3rd Rank in sir C.V. Raman Talent test, District First Rank 4,6,7 and 9th Classes in Viswa Bharathi foundation Talent test, State 2nd rank in unified council, District First ranks in 6,8 and 9th in state level science Talent search Test, Gold Medal in National Level Taekwondo Competitions, District first in 4,5,6,7,8,9,10th classes in National cyber olympiad Foundation. TRISUL secured 8 seats in Korukonda entrance exam and 15 seats in Navodaya Entrance exam. Not only that, another grand
event in selecting TRISUL for National children’s science congress.

This academic year, strength of pupils has gone to 1500 for both media. 120 students are appearing for S.S.C. Public Examinations. Admirable efforts of effective teaching staff and praise worthy cooperation of the parents result in yielding 100% results by “TRISUL” and clinched the throne of the highest triumphant institution in flourishing the talents of pupils in this “Imperial Fort City” I strongly hope that this will stand as a “Trend setter” in the days to come.

This academic year we feel pleasure to initiate State-of-the-art infrastructure through e-technology so that the children can visualize entire theory on-screen to strengthen their Scientific spirits in all standards.

Now I take delight to disclose the ambition and objects propagated for this year. After the fruitful completion of a decade, this year “TRISUL” proudly Proclaims for the first time in this Fort City a fully equipped techno-block with “IIT Orientation” as “TRISUL IIT ICON”. The Gateway to IIT. Frankly speaking it’s not an ordeal to crack the IIT-JEE at +2 or Intermediate level but by conceptual and stupendous approach of study right from the begining of VI std. , a student can succeed. "Trisul" would engage the faculty of eminence & scholars from the Universities, IITs & BITs to the extent of requirement for the Mission of Trisul IIT ICON for their valuable contribution for constructive and comprehensive guidance to the Students of IIT. For a triumph in IIT-JEE and other prestigeous exams I think education is not something to teach but it is to be created in minds. In accordance
with that “TRISUL RAMANA” initiated “TRISUL IIT ICON” -A Gateway to IIT Programme based totally on concept and Practical outlook according to wide curriculum of IIT JEE from VI Standard.

In this academic year, “TRISUL” lauded and encouraged most of the economically wretched and meritorious students by granting scholarships upto 15lakhs for the upliftment of their tender minds so that Money should not demoralize the excalebured students.

As this sacred Institution has been flourishing since 1976, it is evident from the statistical graph that more than 2000 students of “TRISUL RAMANA” are rendering their services in abroad viz.., US, Canada and some European countries as Industrial Tycoons, Scientists,Engineers, Doctors and Defence personnel. Some of the students are selected for Civil services offered by UPSC, and are in Gazetted and Dignified ranks only because of TRISUL.

Besides curricular activities, the co-curricular activities like Martial arts, Dance and Music classes, Debate and Quiz Competitions, Symposia and seminars by experienced scholars,lecturers local Big wigs and people of eminence. The Institution is in need of valuable suggestions, Co-operation and blessings of the esteemed parents and well wishers to accomplish the targetted goals to shape the children as better and useful citizens of the Nation and to design “Education” “ad infinitum” with warm regards,